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Adopted on April 05, 2008 at the annual state convention. Amended 9/18/11 Amended 5/12/12 – S...

Bylaw 620 – Presidential Primary Election

While there is currently no Presidential Primary Election in Ohio for minor parties per the Ohio ...

Bylaw 340 – Standard Operating Procedures

Section 1 (Manual) The Executive Committee must create and maintain the Standard Operating Proce...

Bylaw 500 - National Conventions

Section 1 (Delegation Priority) The Party will be represented by delegates and alternates at the...

Bylaw 100 - Membership

Section 1  Membership in the party shall conform to Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of...

Bylaw 310 - Executive Committee Officers

Section 1 (Chair) The Chair of the Executive Committee will have the following duties, responsib...

Bylaw 200 - Central Committee

Section 1 (Elections) In even numbered years, two representatives shall be elected from each U.S...

Bylaw 710 - County Affiliates

Section 1 (Requisites) Each County Affiliate of the Party shall meet the following criteria: A....

Bylaw 700 - County Development

Section 1 (Charter) In each non-affiliated County, the Executive Committee may charter a County ...

Bylaw 610 - Campaign Funding

Section 1 (Funding) The Party may provide funding to a candidate it has endorsed or to the Liber...

Bylaw 600 - Endorsements

Section 1 (Opposition Endorsements) No committee, officer, or appointee of the Party shall endor...

Bylaw 510 - State Conventions

Section 1 (Timing) The Party should hold a Regular Convention in even-numbered years, the date a...

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