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Bylaw 300 – Executive Committee

Section 1 (Paid Staff)

The Executive Committee may hire paid staff (W2 employees and contractors), subject to a roll-call vote that will be included in the Executive Committee’s meeting minutes.

A. The Executive Committee shall set job descriptions and oversee any staff.

B. Officers shall retain their vote on the Executive Committee and be counted towards quorum, regardless of compensation.

C. Paid LPO employees shall not run for public political office or hold public political office while employed by the LPO.

D. If a paid staff member or candidate for staff membership is a member of the Party Executive Committee, he or she must recuse him or herself from any vote relating to his or her employment.

Section 2 (Quorum)

Quorum shall consist of 60% of the Executive Committee.

Section 3 (Access to Standard Operating Procedures)

Each member of the Executive Committee must commit to reading and understanding the Standard Operating Procedures as set in these bylaws. An electronic copy of the Standard Operating Procedure shall be made available to each member of and candidate for the Executive Committee.

Section 4 (Party Headquarters)

A party headquarters shall be maintained within 50 miles of the State capitol building.