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Bylaw 500 - National Conventions

Section 1 (Delegation Priority)

The Party will be represented by delegates and alternates at the National Libertarian Convention by members of the State Party or by certified candidates for partisan office under the Libertarian label (LP). Delegates and alternates must have signed the LP pledge.

Preference will be given in the following order, and whichever category fills the last available spots for delegate and alternate, the applicants in that category will be prioritized by date/time of application.

A. The Delegation Chair
B. Members of the State Central Committee
C. Members of the State Executive Committee
D. LP Incumbents, in order as found in sections H-M
E. Appointed Directors, Deputy Directors, and Deputy positions of the State Executive Committee
F. Chairs of the affiliated County Central Committees
G. Chairs of the affiliated County Executive Committees
H. LP candidates for statewide office, including Ohio Supreme Court
I. LP candidates for Federal office
J. LP candidates for Ohio House, Senate, and Appeals Court
K. LP candidates for state level non-partisan office
L. LP candidates for any local partisan and judicial office
M. LP candidates for any local non-partisan office
N. Party members who are LNC officers, at-large or regional representatives or alternates to the LNC, or who serve on other committees or hold other positions with the LNC except staff as prohibited by LNC rules.
O. Members of the management or committees of the Party or affiliated counties
P. Other LP members in Ohio, as approved by the State Executive Committee.


Section 2 (Cutoff)

Delegate priority for the State of Ohio will be finalized 40 days prior to the start of the National Convention. Any requests received after the cutoff will receive the lowest priority, and will be subject to the approval of the Delegation Chair.

Section 3 (Delegation Chair)

A Delegation Chair shall be appointed by a vote of the Executive Committee no later than 60 days prior to the start of the Convention.

A. The Delegation Chair shall act as a representative of the State Party during the National Convention.

B. The Delegation Chair shall have the authority and responsibility to manage the affairs of the Delegation for the National Convention. The Chair may delegate this authority.

Section 4 (Vacancies)

After the start of the convention, the Party may consider LP pledge- signing citizens of voting age from other states to join their delegation if Ohio delegate positions remain or become open. The Delegation Chair will approve each addition.

A. An out-of-state member of the Ohio delegation may be removed from the delegation with a petition signed by 2⁄3 of the present, Ohio-residing delegates.