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Bylaw 510 - State Conventions

Section 1 (Timing)

The Party should hold a Regular Convention in even-numbered years, the date and site to be selected by the Central Committee.

A. A Regular Convention shall be held after the primary election and 90 days before the general election, unless the ORC requires a different timeframe for the purpose of nominating a slate of candidates or electors.

B. A Regular Convention may consider such business as the delegates or Central Committee may deem appropriate.

C. The Central Committee shall appoint the Convention Chair from the Party membership.

1. The Convention Chair shall appoint the various Convention committees as necessary from the national or state Party membership, provided they are not affiliated with any other political party; these may include, but are not limited to Credentials, Platform, and National Convention Committees. These Committees shall have such functions and duties as prescribed by the Standing Rules of the Party and by the Convention Chair.

D. A Special Convention may be called as defined in Article VII of the Party Constitution and should be held at least 75 days prior to the General Election. Section C of this Bylaw shall apply to Special Conventions.

Section 2 (Delegation Priority)

Delegates to the regular State Convention will be as follows, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 3513.11 (until major party status is attained).

A. Candidates for election to state offices, except judicial offices

B. Candidate for election to the United States Senate

C. Candidates for election to the United States House of Representatives

D. Candidates to the Ohio General Assembly

E. Incumbent Libertarians for any of the above offices in years when there is no election for a successor to be held.

F. Members of the State Central Committee

G. Members of the State Executive Committee

H. Chairs of affiliated County Central Committees

I. Chairs of affiliated County Executive Committees

J. Up to 500 additional delegates, apportioned to each county by the State Central Committee in proportion to the most recent vote for the Party’s governor candidate.

1. In the event that the Party is not recognized as a Major party, priority will be given by the State Central Committee to County Development Groups.

Section 3 (County Notification)

The Central Committee shall inform the Executive Committee and the several County Central Committees of the number of delegates apportioned to each county, pursuant to section 3513.11 of the Ohio Revised Code and Article VII, Section 3 of the Party Constitution, no later than 3 months prior to a regular Convention.

A. County committees must certify their apportioned delegates to the State Central Committee Secretary no later than 20 days prior to the Convention.

Section 4 (Public Notice)

Public notice of no less than thirty days shall be given for all conventions by reasonable and common methods.

Section 5 (Fees)

The Central Committee Chair and the Convention Chair may establish, with guidance from the Executive Committee, such registration and attendance fees as may be required. These fees shall be established no later than 90 days prior to a Regular Convention and no later than 30 days prior to a Special Convention.