Bylaw 600 - Endorsements

Section 1 (Opposition Endorsements)

No committee, officer, or appointee of the Party shall endorse any candidate running in opposition to a candidate endorsed or nominated by the Party or the National Libertarian Party.

Section 2 (Presidential Endorsements)

The Party, at the state or county development level, shall not endorse a nominee for the Libertarian Party Presidential race prior to the State Convention held in Presidential years.

A. The delegates to a State Convention may endorse a nominee for the Libertarian Party Presidential primary race before the National Convention.

B. In the event the Secretary of State denies the Party ballot access, the Executive Committee may collect petition signatures for a “favorite son” independent ticket of one Presidential and one Vice Presidential candidate who have pledged in writing to withdraw from the race at an appropriate time for the National Libertarian Party nominees to be substituted in accordance with ORC 3513.31(F).

Section 3 (Party Endorsements)

The Party shall not endorse or oppose any candidate for State or County Affiliate Central Committee.

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