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Bylaw 620 – Presidential Primary Election

While there is currently no Presidential Primary Election in Ohio for minor parties per the Ohio Revised Code, the Libertarian Party of Ohio defers the nomination for President of the United States to the National Libertarian Party convention.

In any case where the 100th day before the general election has been reached and candidates for President and/or Vice President have not been selection by the National Libertarian Party convention, the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Ohio shall meet to select candidates, and thereafter shall submit those nominees in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 3505.10(B)(3). Any meeting called under this bylaw shall be considered an "Emergency Meeting" as defined in LPO Bylaw 200 Section 8. The Emergency status of this meeting shall not be subject to challenge.

At such time that the Libertarian Party of Ohio is defined as a “major” party or assumes responsibility for Presidential Primary Elections, the Central Committee of the party is responsible for organizing rules governing primary elections and allocation of delegates in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code.