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Bylaw 700 - County Development

Section 1 (Charter)

In each non-affiliated County, the Executive Committee may charter a County Development Group (CDG).

A. The Chair of the Executive Committee of the Party shall accept nominations to serve as the County Development Coordinator (CDC) and primary contact for a County Development Group in each non-affiliated county. Each CDC should be a registered member of the Party as defined in Bylaw 100 and shall be approved by the State Party Executive Committee.

1. County Development Coordinators must become members of the Party at their earliest opportunity. Failure to do so will automatically void their appointment.

2. In the event the Secretary of State denies ballot access as a recognized party, the County Development Coordinator must not vote in another party’s partisan primary. County Development Coordinators may vote in primary elections using an “issues only” ballot, where available.

3. Nominees for County Development Coordinator (CDC) must provide their contact information, voter registration status, and Party registration status to the State Party Executive Committee.

B. The County Coordinator must work with direction from the Executive Committee and Division leadership and must provide an update to that body as reasonably requested.

C. The members of each County Development Group must work to connect with other Libertarians within their county through outreach events, membership development, and election activities. Each County Development Group should work towards developing into an affiliated county.

D. To meet campaign finance requirements, all fundraising must be channeled through the State Party Executive Committee or its designee.

Section 2 (Renewal)

The CDG is responsible for submitting an annual report to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee must hold a vote to renew the CDG for another year after each evaluation.

A. The evaluation of the report must be based on a series of objective criteria provided in a format as defined by the State Party Executive Committee or its designee.

Section 3 (Revocation)

Repeated failure of a CDC to provide requested information to the Party or to hold regular events may result in the loss of recognition of a CDG.

Section 4 (Transition to Affiliate)

All County Development Group and County Coordinator appointments in a county are automatically ended when a County Affiliate is recognized for the county by the County Board of Elections.