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Article III – Internal Officer and Delegate Qualifications

Section 1

No person may receive endorsement or vote on any motion, resolution, nomination, or internal election at any caucus, convention, meeting, or conference of the Party who does not affirm the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution, Bylaws, and Guiding Principles of the Libertarian Party of Ohio.

Section 2

No person may be eligible for elected office within the party who is an active officer, candidate, or elected official of another political party within the 30 days prior to such an election, other than Central Committee members who are elected through a publicly run Libertarian primary election.

Section 3

No person may be eligible to be a member of the Central or Executive Committee of the party if that person voted as a member of a different political party at the most recent statewide Ohio primary election.

Section 4

All delegates to any state or national party convention, regular or otherwise, must be members of the Party as ruled by the Chair of the Central Committee if primary voting results are not available, on the date of such Convention.