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Article IV – Central Committee

Section 1

The controlling Committee of the Party shall be called the State Central Committee of the Party (hereafter referred to as the Central Committee). The Central Committee shall be elected in accordance with the Party Bylaws.

Section 2

The Central Committee shall meet at the time and place determined by the Chair of the Central Committee or as otherwise provided in the Bylaws.

Section 3

The Central Committee shall retain the following powers:

A. Creation of an Audit Committee, with oversight by the Committee treasurer.

B. Establish all compensation to staff and officers of the Party.

C. Fulfill the duties of local or county organizations required by law for those areas of the state without a recognized affiliate, including, but not limited to, the replacement of candidates.

D. Censure or punitive action of Internal Management. The Executive Committee may also issue Censure and/or Punitive Action of its own members and appointees.

E. During such times when the party has no access to government-conducted State Primary elections conduct its own elections, the methods and processes for which shall be defined in the Party Bylaws.

F. Fill vacancies in its own membership, and in the membership of the Executive Committee.

G. Set the time, place, and apportionment of delegates to the Party’s State Convention.

H. Such other powers as required by the Ohio Revised Code or this Constitution.