Article IX – Amendments

Section 1

The Central Committee may, by two-thirds vote of the seated members, make non-substantive changes in order to correct errors in standard American usage, numbering, or in reference to the Ohio Revised Code.

Section 2

This Constitution may be amended by 60% of all delegates present at a Convention.

Section 3

Amendments to this Constitution may be made only at Conventions.

Section 4

All amendments to this Constitution must be made available to all members by reasonable and common methods no less than 30 days before a Convention. Proposed amendments may be amended without separate notice to all members if such amendments are deemed germane to the proposed published amendment and separately approved by 60% of all delegates to a Convention.

Section 5

Any amendment to this Constitution must be sponsored by at least three delegates at the Convention to be eligible for a vote.

Section 6

An amendment adopted will take effect upon the close of the Convention at which it was approved.

A. An amendment may be effective at a date after the close of the Convention at which it was approved, provided that such a date is specified during the introduction of the amendment or that such a delayed implementation is approved by the majority of delegates during the debate. The date does not need to be part of the amendment, but must be clearly specified in the verbal and written presentation of the amendment and noted in the Convention minutes.

B. Any amendment that is to take effect prior to the close of the Convention at which it was approved will require a 75% vote for passage.

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