Article VII – Conventions

Section 1

The party shall hold regular Conventions in accordance with section 3513.11 of the Ohio Revised Code and the Party Bylaws, and at least during every Presidential Election year.

Section 2

A special Convention shall be held upon petitions of 10% of the members of the party or 50% of the seated members of the Central Committee. Such a petition shall state the business of the special Convention and no other business, shall be considered at such a Convention unless the petition states that it is being held in lieu of a missed Regular Convention. The Central Committee shall provide advance notice of all Conventions according to Party Bylaws.

Section 3

The number of delegates and alternates to a state or national convention and the procedure for their selection shall be determined by the Central Committee in accordance with section 3513.11 of the Ohio Revised Code and the Bylaws of the Party.

Section 4

The Convention Credentials Committee (or in its absence, the Central Committee Chair) shall have the power to select delegates to any state convention for those counties which are not affiliated with the Party.

Section 5

The Convention shall have the power to allow excess delegates from any County to fill vacancies in any other County by two-thirds affirmative vote.

Section 6

Each delegate shall be permitted one and only one vote on any issue at Convention. No voting may be done by proxy, unit rule, or slate selection.

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